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President Joseph R. Biden (D)
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Biden Campaign Ad Uses Republican List of… Accomplishments?!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the Biden campign ad, which highlights many of the administration’s accomplishments from…a well-known Republican?! While speaking at the conservative Turning Point Action conference, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) warned that President Biden wants to address issues like education, medical care and rural poverty. Now the Biden campaign is using Rep. Taylor Greene’s words in a new ad. Of course, her intent was not to praise the president, but the list she used actually illustrates the action that comes from what Democrats believe and how they work to achieve those goals.

Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA)
Sen. Kaine’s website home page

Senator Mark Warner (D-VA)
Sen. Warner’s website home page

Congressman Bob Good (R-VA, 5th District)
Rep. Good’s website home page

Congressman H. Morgan Griffith (R-VA, 9th District)
Rep. Griffith’s website home page

What Our Democratic Senators Are Doing

Senator Tim Kaine says reliable internet access is an essential utility that Virginians rely on for everything from work and school, to health care and other essential services. That’s why the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that I helped pass included significant resources to expand broadband access across the country. Specifically, the law created a program called the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) to lower high-speed internet costs for low-income Americans. Over one million households in Virginia are eligible for the ACP, and approximately 424,000 Virginia households are currently enrolled in the program – but funding is expected to run out in the coming months. That’s why I joined my colleagues in urging congressional leadership to extend funding for the ACP and develop a long-term solution to support the program. Extending this funding would prevent millions of American households from losing the affordable, high-quality internet access that’s essential for everyday life.

Read more about the letter here.

I’ll keep working to lower internet costs and expand access to connectivity across the Commonwealth. Visit to sign up for the ACP and find participating providers in your area.

Senator Mark Warner is addressing the tremendous backlog in passport processing times. Virginians are waiting two or three times as long as usual to have their passport renewed. It’s ruining vacations and putting undue stress on many, he says. Earlier this year, he sent a letter to the Secretary of State asking what precautions and plans were being put in place to prepare for the summer surge of applications. Despite his warning, issues have persisted. He wants to address this issue systemically and has a long list of ideas for how processing centers could increase their capacity, and he’s advocating for the State Department to hire more staff, particularly the most critically needed IT personnel, and increase the expedited processing fees to help pay for it.

In the meantime, be proactive if you’re planning international travel. Check your passport and the entry requirements of the country you want to travel to before you book your flights. Give yourself plenty of time if you need a renewal. If you’re in an emergency situation, reach out to his team, who may be able to help. Sen. Warner promises to stay on top of this until the backlog is dealt with.

Last week, both Sen. Kaine and Sen. Warner joined 49 of their Democratic colleagues in reintroducing the Freedom to Vote Act. This legislation is their latest effort to pass voting rights protections nationwide. The opportunity for every American to make their voice heard is the bedrock of our democracy, but right now this is under siege in state legislatures across the country. This bill would help protect Americans from anti-voting laws passed by state legislatures, some of which have already made it harder for people to cast their ballots. 

The Freedom to Vote Act makes voting easy, secure, and fair. It improves access to the ballot for Americans by making Election Day a holiday, expanding early voting, instituting more same-day and online voter registration, restoring the right to vote in federal elections for people who have served their time for felony convictions, advancing federal election standards and campaign finance reforms, and more. It supports the voices of American voters by ending partisan gerrymandering, and would help to limit the influence of secret money in our elections.

It also includes provisions from the HONEST Ads Act, a bill with bipartisan momentum that would simply extend the same disclaimer requirements that political TV, radio, and print ads already have to include online political ads, so Americans have a better sense of who is funding the ads they’re consuming. Getting this done is key for restoring trust in our digital spaces and our politics.

State Officials: Governor, Virginia Senate and Virginia House of Delegates

Your address determines your districts for electing people to Congress, Virginia State Senate and Virginia House of Delegates. Use the links below to find out who represents you, if you do not know. The following list of names includes officials who represent the people living near Smith Mountain Lake. It is based on current maps. The information that follows came from official Virginia Senate and House of Delegates websites and Who’s My Legislator, below.

Virginia General Assembly: Who’s My Legislator?
State Government
Local Government
Redistricting Information

Governor Glenn Youngkin (R)
Office of the Governor website

Lieutenant Governor Winsome Earle-Sears (R)

Attorney General Jason Miyares (R)

Senate of Virginia
Note: Districts changed in the 2023 election, and Senate website pages may not yet be updated.

District 7 – Senator William M. “Bill” Stanley, Jr.
General Assembly Phone: (804) 698-7520
District Phone: (540) 721-6028
This district represents the people on the Franklin County side of the lake (see map).

District 8 – Senator Mark J. Peake (R)
General Assembly Phone: (804) 698-7522
District Phone: (434) 455-3392
This district represents the people on the Bedford County side of the lake (see map).

District 9 – Senator Frank M. Ruff, Jr. (R)
General Assembly Phone: (804) 698-7515
District Phone: (434) 374-5129
This district represents people on the Pittsylvania side of the lake (see map).

House of Delegates
Note: Districts changed in the 2023 election, and House Delegate website pages may not yet be updated.

District 39 – William P. Davis (R)
This district represents people on the Franklin County side of the lake (see map).

District 48 – Les R. Adams (R)
Capitol Phone: (804) 698-1016
District Phone: (434) 432-1600
This district represents people on the Pittsylvania side of the lake (see map).

District 51 – Eric R. Zehr (R)
This district represents people on the Bedford side of the lake (see map).

Elected Officials by County

Bedford County

Bedford County, Virginia
Bedford County Registrar’s Office

Bedford County Supervisors
District 1*: Mickey Johnson (R)
District 2*: Edgar Tuck (R), Vice Chair
District 3: Charla Bansley (R)
District 4: John Sharp (R), Chair
District 5: Tommy W. Scott (R)
District 6: Bob W. Davis (R)
District 7: Tammy Parker (R)
Bedford County Administrator: Robert Hiss

*Districts 1 and 2 represent lake area residents.

Bedford County School Board
District 1*: Johnathan W. Knight
District 2*: Matthew Holbrook
District 3: Dwayne Nelms
District 4: Marcus Hill
District 5: Dora Garcia Purvis
District 6: Kurt W. Hubach
District 7: Chris V. Daniels
Superintendent: Dr. Marc Bergin

*Districts 1 and 2 represent lake area residents. School Board members do not run as party candidates; therefore no designation is provided.

Franklin County

Franklin County, Virginia
Franklin County Registrar’s Office

Franklin County Board of Supervisors
Blue Ridge District: Tim Tatum (R), Chair
Blackwater District: Marshall F. Jamison (R)
Boone District*: Ronnie Thompson (R)
Gills Creek District*: Lorie Smith (R), Vice Chair
Rocky Mount District: Mike Carter (R)
Snow Creek District: Nick Mitchell (R)
Union Hall District*: Dan M. Quinn

*Gills Creek, Union Hall and Boone Districts represent lake area residents.

Franklin County School Board
Blue Ridge District: Jonathon Holley
Blackwater District: Arlet Greer
Boone District*: Dawn McCray, Vice Chair
Gills Creek District*: Rebekah S. T. Slocum
Rocky Mount District: Jeff Worley, Chair
Snow Creek District: Carletta Whiting
Union Hall District*: D. Scott Agee
Member-at-Large*: Kevin David
Superintendent: Dr. Kevin Siers

*Gills Creek, Union Hall and Boone Districts, and the Member-at-Large represent lake area residents. School Board members do not run as party candidates; therefore no designation is provided.

Pittsylvania County

Pittsylvania County, Virginia
Pittsylvania County Registrar

Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors
Banister District: Robert M. Tucker, Jr.
Callands-Gretna*: Darrell Dalton (R)
Chatham-Blairs: Kenneth L. Bowman
Dan River District: Eddie L. Hite, Jr.
Staunton River District: Tim W. Dudley (R), Vice Chair
Tunstall District: William V. “Vic” Ingram (R)
Westover: Murray W. Whittle
County Administration: 434-432-7710

*Callands-Gretna District represents lake area residents.

Pittsylvania County School Board
Banister District: Willie Fitzgerald (Interim)
Callands-Gretna*: Calvin Doss, Chair
Chatham-Blairs: Mark R. Shields
Dan River District: Kely Merricks, Vice Chair
Staunton River District: Don C. Moon
Tunstall District: George V. Henderson
Westover District: Kevin W. Mills
Division Superintendent: Dr. Mark R. Jones

*Callands-Gretna District represents lake area residents. School Board members do not run as party candidates; therefore no designation is provided.

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