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Reasons to Vote in November

When Democrats are in charge, great things start to happen. In August President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 into law. This is one of the most significant pieces of legislation signed in the last decade, and fulfills many of his campaign promises.

This law will invest more than $430 billion in climate change and extended subsidies for the Affordable Care Act. It will raise about $737 billion over the next ten years by allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, adequately staffing the Internal Revenue Service after years of cuts so it can catch people cheating on their taxes, and raising the tax rate on rich corporations to require them to pay a minimum of 15%.

Also, back in June, the Supreme Court handed down decisions that overturn many decades of established law. The top five decisions alone should be enough to mobilize Democrats to come out in full force to vote on November 8. For a more full description of these rulings and their future implications, check out what several online sources published.

  1. Abortion rights: The Court overturned the right to an abortion after 49 years of established law and history.
  2. Environmental protections: the Court reversed almost 100 years of jurisprudence by ruling that the executive branch, including the EPA, cannot set rules to reduce greenhouse gas emissions without authorization from Congress – dramatically limiting the government’s ability to regulate climate change, and likely many other forms of business regulation in the future.
  3. Civil rights: the Court ruled that police officers may not be sued under a federal civil rights law for failing to administer the warning mandated by the Supreme Court nearly 60 years ago.
  4. Guns: the Court ruled that New York’s gun law placing restrictions on carrying a concealed handgun outside the home violates the Second Amendment, essentially stripping states of the ability to regulate firearms.
  5. Religion: The Court essentially did away with separation of church and state by ruling that any state that funds private schools also has to fund religious schools–with taxpayer money.

Election Season is Upon Us

Election season has begun in the 9th and 5th Districts as Taysha DeVaughn was officially nominated as the Democratic Congressional candidate, challenging Morgan Griffith in the 9th, and Josh Throneburg qualified as the Democratic Congressional candidate, challenging Bob Good in the 5th. Part of Bedford County remains in the 5th District but all of our membership is now located in the 9th District. We plan to work with the Bedford and Franklin County Committees to support these two candidates.

Other Virginia races that are of interest to us are the re-election of Abigail Spanberger, Elaine Luria, and Jennifer Wexton as these races are being targeted by the GOP to overturn the Democratic majority in the House. We hope to assist in these three campaigns as these Congresswomen have been active in Congress and earned re-election from the democratic perspective. All three of them turned their districts from Republican to Democrat in 2018.

Stay tuned as we gear up for the midterm election and offer specific opportunities and events to maintain the Democratic majority in the House.

Reasons to Celebrate Democrats

Democratic accomplishments in Virginia include a booming economy, record low unemployment, the best state for business two years running*, historic investments in public education, expanding health care to more than 600,000 Virginians, raising the minimum wage, and a host of progressive reforms and investments that have elevated Virginia as a leader in the South and across the nation, according to Susan Swecker, Chair of the Democratic Party of Virginia.

“Democrats should be proud of what the party has been and is—the party of Social Security, Medicare and Obamacare, of greater opportunity for more and more Americans —and what it is and what it stands for, and their values: for smart government being part of the solution, not the problem; for health care as a right, not a privilege; for clean water and air and effective climate solutions; for taxation that doesn’t favor the rich; for equal opportunity for all; for life chances and opportunities that aren’t determined by one’s ZIP code, race, gender, faith, sexual orientation or gender identity.” This excerpt is from Robert Leonard’s article in The New York TimesOpinion | Biden Has Already Done More for Rural America Than Trump.

*From the Democratic Party of Virginia, 7/21/22:
CNBC just released its “best states for business” rankings, and it’s bad news for Virginians. After two years in the #1 spot, we’ve been bumped to #3. So, what happened?
FIRST – Glenn Youngkin claimed that Virginia’s economy was “in the ditch,” something that only he could fix if elected Governor. He campaigned on promises that his business acumen and experience with getting fired from the private equity firm, Carlyle Group, would help develop industry in Virginia.
NOW – Just over six months into his first term, Glenn Youngkin has lost Virginia’s distinction as the best state for business. Unwelcoming policies that are hostile to workers and their families have contributed to the “Youngkin Slump” in our Commonwealth’s economy and business development sector.
NEXT – We need to step up where Glenn Youngkin has failed us. By electing more Democrats to the state legislature, we can stop any more of the VA GOP’s toxic legislation from ever becoming law and doing further damage to the years of economic progress and prosperity that accompanied years of Democratic leadership.

Virginia Redistricting

Redistricting occurs every 10 years following the U.S. Census. The census provides up-to-date demographic data, which is used to recalibrate election districts (redistricting). This is necessary to ensure that elected officials at all levels represent approximately equal populations compared to other districts at the same level.

The 2020 U.S. Census was used for redistricting last year. This has resulted in new Congressional, House of Delegates, Virginia Senate and county Electoral Districts. The Virginia Redistricting Commission completed its maps and were approved in December of 2021. Counties have also begun the process of redrawing and approving maps for election districts. The new maps will be in place for the 2022 elections.

All three lake counties are affected by changes in our electoral maps. For more information, visit our Redistricting Information and Elections & Voting pages.

Be Heard and Make a Difference

If you want to take action, check out our Armchair Activist page. We’ll tell you about local, state and possibly national issues where your voice should be heard. By participating in the discussion, we can influence the direction of our government, even when Democrats are not in power. Together we are strong!

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SML Democrats is open to all people of voting age who live in the three counties surrounding Smith Mountain Lake: Bedford, Franklin and Pittsylvania. Some members have property at the lake, but maintain permanent residences elsewhere.

Our club is active and you’ll find many ways to participate. You can join a committee, attend monthly meetings and social events, or help at election time, which is every year in Virginia. We look forward to welcoming you!

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