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New Law Allows Same-Day Voter Registration

A new law will allow voters to fill out a registration form and cast a ballot after that deadline, up to and including Election Day. Updates to come when the Virginia Department of Elections updates its website. The new law will take effect on October 1. A news article linked below will give you a heads-up on what’s to come.

Same-day voter registration is coming to Virginia. Here’s how it’ll work.
By Graham Moomaw, Virginia Mercury
The big change to Virginia’s voting laws in the last two years made casting a ballot easier for people who like to get things done early. A new law taking effect this fall will do the same for procrastinators. Same-day voter registration is taking effect in the state in time for the congressional midterms in November, a significant shift from the way Virginia elections have worked in the past. Instead of the voter registration window closing about three weeks out from an election, the new law will allow voters to fill out a registration form and cast a ballot after that deadline, up to and including Election Day.

Offices Up for Election in 2022

The offices you’ll vote for depend on where you live. Each county Registrar’s Office can help you with details (links available below under Polling Locations). Or visit the Virginia Department of Elections and use your zip code or the interactive maps to find out who you’ll be voting for in November 2022.

Redistricting will be in effect for the 2022 elections. See below for more information.

Primary Day: June 21, 2022
Election Day: November 8, 2022

Virginia Election Calendars and Schedules

U.S. House of Representatives
Bedford and Franklin County will now vote in Congressional District 9. Pittsylvania County will vote in Congressional District 5.

9th Congressional District of Virginia
Incumbant: Morgan Griffith (R)
Republican Challenger: Kimberly Nadine Lowe
Democratic Candidate: Taysha DeVaughan

Taysha DeVaughan, Democratic Congressional Candidate for the 9th District, introduced herself to the Franklin County Democratic Committee on April 14. From her website: “My campaign is going to focus on restoring clean, healthy and thriving communities in Virginia’s 9th district by addressing concerns around the Environment, Energy, and Economic Development. The solutions in Virginia’s 9th Congressional district includes expanding access to vital services, advocating for environmental and workers justice, engaging and consulting with all types of community members. This calls for investing federal dollars towards those initiatives, projects, programs.”

5th Congressional District of Virginia
Incumbent: Bob Good (R)
Republican Challenger: TBD
Democratic Candidate: Josh Throneburg

America is facing incredible challenges. Our planet is in crisis and there’s no guarantee that it will remain habitable. Our national debt is spiraling out of control and there’s no plan to address it. Communities of color suffer under systemic racism while rural communities remain long neglected. Democracy, the beating heart of this incredible nation, is under attack.

These issues threaten the future we hand our children. However, there is hope and there is opportunity! We can fight climate change and create jobs while building a more equitable future for all, but we need compassionate and common sense leadership to do it. That is why I’m running for Congress – to serve the 5th district each and every day and to fight for a better future for our kids tomorrow.

Josh Throneburg

No Ballot Measures in 2022
Potential Ballot Measures for 1) Right to Marriage Regardless of Gender and 2) Felon Voting Rights Restoration did pass the Legislature and will not be on the ballot in 2022. (Source: Ballotpedia)

Polling Locations

Polling locations also may have changed in redistricting. You should be notified if this is the case, but be sure to check with your county Registrar’s Office to find out where you vote. Also use the links below for specific information about voting in each lake area county.

Bedford County Registrar’s Office
Franklin County Registrar’s Office
Pittsylvania County Registrar’s Office

New Electoral Districts

The 2020 Census required voting district maps to be redrawn nationwide, and our lake area districts have changed. Please note that the changes will take place for the 2022 Congressional election. For more information about Redistricting, visit our Redistricting Information page.

Changes for counties in the areas surrounding the lake:

  • Bedford County is now in Congressional District 9, House of Delegates District 53 and Senate District 8.
  • Franklin County is now in Congressional District 9, House of Delegates District 39 and Senate District 7.
  • Pittsylvania County is now in Congressional District 5, House of Delegates District 48 and Senate District 9.

Visit our Current Elected Officials page for more information about your representation in Virginia.

Learn more

To help you learn more about voting, candidates and issues, use the following links to local and state organizations.

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