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Newsletter #4: February 25, 2022

The Virginia General Assembly completed “Crossover” yesterday.  The House of Delegates reviewed the bills that the State Senate had passed and the State Senate reviewed the bills that the House of Delegates had passed. Bills that survived the process will eventually go to the Governor to be signed into law or vetoed. The fact that the State Senate is Democratic has been such an asset (to us) in that they could vote down House bills that they find inappropriate. Read more…  

Newsletter #3: February 10, 2022

As we read the news headlines, we realize how important it was to maintain a Democratic majority in the Virginia Senate. The senators were able to kill some of Republican Governor Youngkin’s party’s most egregious bills and we will have to remember that for this year’s election. More on our strategy as well as the usual suspects: dates and articles of interest. Read more…

Newsletter Extra: February 1, 2022

The Armchair Activist lists two opportunities to participate! Make the Governor’s Teacher Tip Line positive and tell Kathy Byron to support HB 1288 to restore oversight of utilities. Read more…

Newsletter #2: January 27, 2022

You’ll find information on redistricting, follow-up information from the January General Meeting, a description of the topic for the next meeting from the Issues Committee (voting history) and Armchair Activitist opportunities.
Read more…

Newsletter #1: January 16, 2022

The inauguration of a Republican governor seems like an event worthy of the restart of the Smith Mountain Lake Dems Newsletter.  If one thinks that we don’t have a big job ahead of us, the news of Governor Youngkin’s first actions should be an eye-opener.
Read more…


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