Newsletter #2

JANUARY 27, 2022

Redistricting Update

Most, if not all, of our members will now be in the 9th district for the 2022 Election and thereafter due to redistricting. A small part of Bedford County will remain in the 5th. The 9th district is currently represented by Morgan Griffith. The 5th district is now represented by Bob Good. Both men have expressed their intention to run again.  

February General Meeting

Date: February 28, 2022 at 1:00 pm
Topic: The 15th Amendment – Broken Promises
Speaker: Professor Nicole Greer Golda
The 15th Amendment promised all men the right to vote in 1870. Yet, fewer than half of Virginia’s voting age population could vote in the 1960 election. How did this happen? What loopholes prevented widespread voter registration? Have these loopholes been fixed? What about women’s suffrage? This presentation will answer these questions and look at the history of voting rights in the past 150 years. Further, we will think about the effect this legacy has for voting rights today.  

Nicole Greer Golda is Assistant Professor of History at Ferrum College. She received her BA in History from Whittier College in California and her PhD in the joint program in History and Women’s Studies from the University of Michigan. In addition to teaching American history survey classes she also teaches upper division courses in the history of gender and sexuality, Virginia history, the history of sports, African American history, and crime history. 

January General Meeting Follow-Up

Herb Beskar presented a program on the the asylum-seekers in Roanoke. The mission of the Roanoke Asylum-Seekers Support Network, RASSN, an all volunteer 501-C3 non-profit agency, is to provide an array of daily living support services. Volunteers with some conversational Spanish work directly with a family to build trust, assess needs, and give assistance. Such volunteers are referred to as ‘mentors’, and they are always in short supply. Most of the volunteers give financial support, with so many of the clients having inadequate or no work. Housing, jobs, transportation, educational, medical, dental, and legal needs are addressed. Currently RASSN serves 26 families with approximately 100 members. The pandemic has significantly impacted the organization’s families with loss of jobs and/or work hours.

Participants were interested in obtaining information on donating to this organization. We received the following information from Herb.

Roanoke Asylum Seekers Support Network
2046 Knollwood Rd. SW
Roanoke, VA 24018

Save the Date

Thu.        Feb 3    10:30am    Racism Group (Zoom)
                                               ID: 868 9015 0934   passcode: 965544

Tue.        Feb 8    10:00am    Book Club – Unthinkable by Jamie Raskin
                                       ID: 868 9015 0934  passcode: 965544 (Zoom/Office)

Tue.        Feb 8      1:00pm    Steering Committee Meeting (Zoom)
                                               ID: 873 7521 3056   Password: 935343

Mon.   Feb 28    1:00pm        General Membership Meeting   (Time corrected)
                                               ID: 878 0137 4117     Passcode: 674833

Armchair Activist

The Franklin County militia has asked the FC Board of Supervisors to be recognized as a “volunteer group”.  The Board will vote on it at their next meeting.  The Board needs to hear from us about this as approval will give legitimacy to the militia as it has in Bedford County.  Already two board members have voiced support.

Express your views to the Board of Supervisors.  Email, at least, your district representative and the administration as listed below.  Click on the links below to send an email.

Articles and Sites of Possible Interest

Youngkin urges parents to report ‘divisive’ teaching methods
By Katie King, Virginian-Pilot 

Glenn Youngkin Sets Up Tip Line To Report Teachers And You Know What Pranksters Did Next 
Huffington Post

Fox News host forces Glenn Youngkin to admit critical race theory is not ‘being taught’ in Virginia schools

Youngkin chooses former Heritage Foundation official as Virginia’s diversity officer
By Gregory S. Schneider, Washington Post 

Youngkin names a new diversity officer for the state, orders a new focus for the office’s work
By Mel Leonor, Richmond Times-Dispatch

Virginia Senate rejects Miyares’ bid to to expand attorney general’s prosecutorial authority

Voters Rest Easy Knowing Senate Democrats Stood Up Once Again to Protect Our Progress, Reject Voter Suppression Bills

Virginia governor’s embattled nominee appears to get a second chance
By Laura Vozzella, Washington Post

Facing opposition from commonwealth’s attorneys, Miyares scales down request for new power to prosecute
By Patrick Wilson, Richmond Times-Dispatch 

Democrats challenge Youngkin’s view of state economy; he’s not backing down
By Michael Martz, Richmond Times-Dispatch 

Youngkin says he intends to replace Virginia’s top election official
By Graham Moomaw, Virginia Mercury

Sens. Warner, Kaine announce largest-ever federal investment in Virginia’s bridges
By Gary Boyer, WFXR-TV

House Republicans tout infrastructure funding they voted against
By Benjamin Seigel, ABC News

Virginia Democrats rely on slim Senate majority to hold off Republican efforts to tighten voting rules
By Dean Mirshahi, WRIC-TV

New AG Miyares removes 2 lawyers at public universities
By Staff Report, Daily Progress 

Virginia inked offshore wind agreement with Denmark right before Northam left office, hoping to expand industry
By Katherine Hafner, Virginian-Pilot

Franklin County school mask mandate stands for now
By Aila Boyd, Roanoke Times 

Youngkin: For now, listen to principals on school masks
By Denise Lavoie and Sarah Rankin, Associated Press

Lowe says Griffith ‘not royalty,’ announces Republican challenge
By Luke Weir, Roanoke Times 

Tim Kaine wants to ‘change the trajectory’ of his ‘Byrd seat,’ long held by segregationists
By Meagan Flynn, Washington Post 

With semiconductor chips scarce, Warner voices frustration over House inaction
By Michael Martz, Richmond Times-Dispatch

Youngkin’s new COVID-19 action plan treads familiar ground for Virginia
By Kate Masters, Virginia Mercury

Va. Republicans won big under Democratic voting rules. They still want tougher laws.
By Graham Moomaw, Virginia Mercury

In new COVID-19 plan Youngkin discourages people with no symptoms from using rapid tests
By Mel Leonor, Richmond Times-Dispatch 

New Va. AG pulls out of Supreme Court climate case
By Lesley Clark, E&E News

Parent-activists, seeking control over education, are taking over school boards
By Hannah Natanson, Washington Post 

Republicans look to increase police presence in Virginia’s schools
By Megan Pauly, WCVE-FM

County NAACP joins Sen. Kaine to talk voting rights legislation
By Sarah King, Chesterfield Observer

As Republicans threaten two years of climate legislation, Democrats go on defense
By Sarah Vogelsong, Virginia Mercury

Senate panel shoots down bill that would make mask and vaccine mandates illegal
By Ned Oliver, Virginia Mercury

Senate Democrats push back on GOP proposals to tighten voting laws
By Laura Vozzella and Gregory S. Schneider, Washington Post 

Senate committee kills proposal to limit campaign contributions in Virginia
By Patrick Wilson, Richmond Times-Dispatch 

Redistricting: The Plans

Luray Woman Charged For Gun Threat At School Board Meeting

Two bills to lure the Washington Football Team to Virginia filed in Richmond
By Laura Vozzella, Washington Post 

On Behalf of the Election Support Committee,
Joanne Bebel and Cindy Connine